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Larry Buckendorf2027
Joseph Schumacher2025
Adam Bliven2025
Laira Ziegler2027
Morgan Kidder2025

(as of 05/02/2023)

New Local Government Posting Law for Public Meetings

House Bill 19-1087 – Authorizes posting meeting notice 24 hours prior to any public meeting of a quorum of the Board on the local government’s website or other official online presence of the local government (including social media). Effective August 2, 2019 - Physical postings within the District and at the County are no longer required.

Special meetings are called and held on an as-needed basis; notices/agendas are posted to the District’s website pursuant to House Bill 19-1087.

HOMESTEAD - Resolution re Online Posting 10.25.23.pdf

Please see below for meeting dates, notices, and agendas: